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Arnold Is Back As 'Terminator'

Twelve years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger said "hasta la vista" in "Terminator 2." Well, that does translate into "see you later," so it's no surprise the big guy is back in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines."

It just wouldn't be a "Terminator" movie without big chases and even bigger crashes. But most of all, it just wouldn't be a "Terminator" movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Thought time has passed, Schwarzenegger says it was not tough to get back into the role. He says, "When I slip into that 'Terminator' jacket, into this leather jacket, and I put on the sunglasses and put on my leather gloves and all that stuff. I mean I really feel like the 'Terminator.' I go right into the character, even almost like I have just finished the other one yesterday. That's how I feel."

Still, it wasn't just yesterday, and Schwarzenegger is now in his mid-50s. Just as he did in "Terminator 1" and "Terminator 2," Schwarzenegger begins each movie buck-naked.

He says, "I was concerned about that scene, in the beginning, because I say to myself, well, you know, how do you get in that kind of shape again, like I was 20 years ago and 10 years ago, because time has changed. I remember it was June 16, when we shot this scene, for three days. And I said to myself, this is the Mr. Olympia for me. I have to train the way the Mr. Olympia again."

It has been eported that because it is such a physical role, the actor got injured. Schwarzenegger says, "I got many injuries on this movie. I remember I was holding the casket and carrying out this big casket, and all of a sudden all these explosions were going off. And, one was going off right on my hand, almost ripped my finger off."

Schwarzenegger has always been an actor who campaigns heavily for his movies. Now his campaigning efforts might enter a whole new arena. There's rampant speculation he might run on the Republican ticket for governor of California as Democratic Gov. Gray Davis faces a possible voter recall.

So what does he say about that buzz?

"I say that I'm staying on message," Schwarzenegger says. "I only talk about 'Terminator.' Because we want to make sure the movie's successful, and not to confuse it with any other issues. If that time comes up, and I should decide, then I will be back on this show again talking to you, and then we will promote that.

Spoken like a true politician.