Arnold: 70's-style

In 1977 Arnold made his first appearance on 60 Minutes in a memorable interview with Morley Safer

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An excerpt of 1977's "Pumping Gold," in which Morley Safer interviews a young Arnold Schwarzenegger for 60 Minutes.

Whether you love him or hate him -- or just don't care -- it's hard not to be amused by this glimpse of a global star in the making. In Morley Safer's snarky 1977 report on the sport of bodybuilding, the young Arnold Schwarzenegger makes an appearance on 60 Minutes, seven years before his big break in "The Terminator." At the time this segment aired, Arnold's acting gigs were productions like the slapstick TV series "The San Pedro Beach Bums," in which he played the part of "Muscleman."

It may be funny to dig up Gov. Schwarzenegger's early work, but in pieces like this, it's clear that the baby-faced Arnold had already set his master plan in motion: to become an international star in sport, film, and politics.

This week, Schwarzenegger returnsto the broadcast to look back on a lifetime of successes (and failures) in an interview with Lesley Stahl and in his new book, "Total Recall."