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Are you suffering from "text neck"?

Are you suffering from "text neck"?

(CBS) - Add "text neck" to your new world, digital dictionary. It's ailing texters.

So what is "text neck"? Chiropractors warn that your use of cell phones and tablet computers can be causing the condition. (Oh, you mean, reading?)

"The affliction, caused by flexing the neck for extended periods of time, can be a forerunner of permanent arthritic damage if it goes without treatment," says a science correspondent from The Telegraph.

The new condition is on the rise, apparently, due to frequent texting, which causes texters to hunch over their mobile phones and computer screens. We're all guilty. And with Apple's iMessage on the way, the free unlimited texting can spark even more instances of "text neck." Oh dear! We should probably also be mindful when we tie our shoelaces, look at our watches and eat soup.

"In severe cases the muscles can eventually adapt to fit the flexed position, making it painful to straighten the neck out properly," reports The Telegraph.

As a result, chiropractors are treating many who have fallen victim to "text neck."

The article suggests texters can avoid "text neck" by "taking regular screen breaks and looking straight ahead while tucking the chin back towards the neck every few minutes."

We say, just raise your mobile device up, aligned with your eye balls, when you text next. You know, similar to reading books, newspapers and signage. Let's just hope, you don't fall victim to "text arms" (which isn't really a thing - yet).

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