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Apple's Tim Cook hints at Facebook, iOS integration

File photo taken Jan. 11, 2011 of Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple. AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

(CBS News) Did Apple's chief executive officer Tim Cook hint at a possible straight-to-Facebook feature in upcoming iPhones and iPads? Speaking at a recent industry conference, Apple's CEO may have let plans of a future partnership slip.

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In an interview at the D10 conference last week, AllThingsD co-executive editor Walt Mossberg asked Cook if Apple will strike a deal with Facebook to add a share option on iPhones and iPads devices, like the current deal with Twitter. Cook gave a vague response that concluded with the Apple CEO saying, "Stay tuned."

An excerpt from the interview at D10:

MR. MOSSBERG: On my Apple devices, there's a menu that comes up for sharing. Twitter is all through it. Facebook is not. Will you ever strike a deal?

MR. COOK: I think the relationship is very solid. We have great respect for them. I think we can do more with them. Stay tuned on this one.

It was learned in 2009 that Apple made a deal with Twitter to integrate the micro-blogging service into iOS devices. The partnership made it so that signing into Twitter and posting tweets was built in to the iPhones and iPads. The integration made it possible for photos, videos and articles to be shared to Twitter without having to launch an app.

Rumors of Apple and Facebook partnership have circulated for years, however, a deal has yet to be made. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs suggested tension between the two companies in a 2010 interview with AllThingsD co-executive editor Kara Swisher.

Facebook wanted "onerous terms that we could not agree to," Jobs said, when asked why Facebook was not integrated into Ping, iTunes' social network.

Cook's suggestion that we "stay tuned" may indicate that Apple and Facebook could be ready to make a compromise.

Since taking over as CEO and following the passing of Apple co-founder Jobs, Cook has been scrutinized over if and how he will change Apple. 

"Apple has a culture of excellence that is, I think, so unique and so special. I'm not going to witness or permit the change of it," Cook said in response to Mossberg's question of how Apple is different with the transition from Jobs to Cook at the helm of the company.

Facebook addicts may welcome Apple's change of heart toward the social network, especially if they can share photos and articles straight from their iPhones and iPads.Since going public last month, Facebook may also have more incentive to welcome deeper integration with iOS devices.

The D10 conference was held in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. from May 29-31, 2012.

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