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Apple's first CEO? (Hint: it wasn't Steve Jobs)

In the annals of Silicon Valley, most people probably aren't aware of this footnote but Steve Jobs was not the first chief executive officer at Apple.

That's right. Mike Markkula, Apple's primary financial backer at the time, wasn't about to trust his investment with either of the company's inexperienced young co-founders Not the nerdy Woz and definitely not his fast-talking co-founder. The decision instead was made to bring on adult supervision in the person of one Michael Scott. And no, it wasn't that Michael Scott.

Happily for Apple, Markkula knew Scott from their previous stint working together at Fairchild Semiconductor. So it was that he went on to lead the company between 1977 and 1981, when he quit after being shifted to the post of chairman.

"I always had a deal that it was two Steves and Mike," Scott tells Business Insider. "if I didn't have all of their support, I wasn't going to stay. We grow to 1500 people and laid off 50 to clean out the dead wood. That caused a lot of hassle, and to me, I didn't need that anymore. I took us public and then got out."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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