Apple may release three versions of iPad 3

(CBS News) New rumors are surfacing of three possible models of Apple's iPad 3.

A recent report by 9to5Mac claims that sources close to Apple revealed the information. The report cites previous speculation by DigiTimes that Apple gave two versions of the new tablet to "upstream partners for development," code named J1 and J2.

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"The sources revealed that the major differences of the new tablet PCs compared to the previous model are their size, specifications and technologies," said DigiTimes.

9to5Mac noted that "the J2 codename has been floating around since the initial betas of iOS 5.0." And an "unknown T39 device" was also being tested. That device is what we presume 9to5Mac is calling J2a, which is the third iPad in question.

Why would there be three iPad 3s?

Well, first of all the iPad 3 already comes in three storage capacities - 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. However, it sounds like the three rumored versions will vary by GSM, CDMA and LTE network capabilities. Of course, it is entirely possible that these versions floating around at the supplier are just prototypes.

There's no solid evidence that indicates any of these versions were put into production at the manufacturer. We'll find out soon enough. though. Apple sent out invitations to an event on March 7, where the iPad 3 is expected to be announced.