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Apple beats Android in mobile sales on Christmas Day

Mobile traffic and sales took a big leap on Christmas Day, according to an IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark report. Social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest also played a large role in driving online sales.

Overall mobile traffic grew 28.3 percent, accounting for 48 percent of all online traffic. Mobile sales grew by 40 percent, accounting for 29 percent of all online sales.

While more people browsed the Internet using smartphones, more purchases were made with tablets. Smarphones drove 48 percent of online traffic, compared with 18.1 percent coming from tablets. But smartphone sales accounted for 9.3 percent, compared with 19.4 percent of sales from tablets.

Apple’s iOS devices ruled the market, in terms of online sales, with more than five times as many purchases made on the platform than Android devices. About 23 percent of total online sales were made with an iOS device, compared with Android’s 4.6 percent. Apple iOS device owners spent an average of $93.94 per order, while Android users spent $48.10 per order.

The report also measured online purchases made through social media referrals. Pinterest users spent more money per order, but Facebook converted more clicks into sales – almost four times the rate of Pinterest. Pinterest had an average of $86.83 per order, while Facebook averaged $72.01 per order.

For the study, IBM Digital Analytic Benchmark measured millions of transaction from about 800 retail sites.

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