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The Lifestyles Digest for the week of Feb. 14

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NEW YORK - Layering is mostly just how we dress, a way to extend what's in our closets and, bonus, stay warm and dry. Next fall, it may be more about how we feel. Sequins on sheers have surfaced OVER wool, and New York Fashion Week runways are filled with soft bulk, rich color, lively prints and a variety of textures worn together in fresh ways. By Samantha Critchell.

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WASHINGTON - Twelve towns and cities around the U.S. were named Tuesday by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as America's Dozen Distinctive Destinations for 2011. The cities are Alexandria, Va.; Chapel Hill, N.C.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Dandridge, Tenn.; Eureka, Calif.; Muskogee, Okla.; New Bedford, Mass.; Paducah, Ky.; San Angelo, Texas; Sonoma, Calif.; Sheridan, Wyo., and St. Paul, Minn.

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Margie McGlone brought one key item into her nursery when she was pregnant last summer: her sister's crib, the one they both loved and looked forward to keeping in the family. That is, until McGlone learned that millions of drop-side cribs were being recalled for safety reasons. Parents who own cribs with sides that drop down may feel nostalgic, but are being advised to buy other models. By Lisa A. Flam.


SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas - South Padre Island is known as a spring-break destination. Turns out it's also a great place to go surfing. By Summer Moore.

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LOS ANGELES - Cats scratch and dogs bark. Is declawing or debarking the answer? The latest Associated poll weighs in. By Sue Manning.

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You've heard of a fine, aged wine, but how about a vintage Manhattan? Some bartenders are rolling out the barrel for a new trend of aging classic cocktails. By Michelle Locke.

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NEW ORLEANS - Pastry chef Jean-Luc Albin certainly can turn out a delicious traditional king cake - one with a premium brioche dough, rich with butter and eggs. But these days it's his inspired variations on that classic that he's most passionate about. His Bourbon Street king cake, for example, with chocolate custard, bourbon and toasted pecans. Or there is his General Foster king cake with a banana's Foster-type filling. "Every year I do something a little different, something new," Albin says. "It makes things interesting." By Mary Foster.

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Sports Illustrated reveals the cover and contents of its annual much-awaited swimsuit issue. By Samantha Critchell.

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Start thinking about Mardi Gras and New Orleans, and it won't be long before you've got shrimp on your mind. The preparation of for these party-perfect crispy shrimp with spicy Cajun sauce is somewhat similar to how you might make Buffalo wings. Raw shrimp are dredged in a seasoned mixture of Wondra flour, cornstarch and beaten egg, which gets wonderfully crispy when deep-fried. By Jim Romanoff.

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Recipe for crispy shrimp with spicy Cajun sauce


If you won't be lucky enough to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, at least bake up a taste of it at home. Granted, you'll need to supply your own revelry in the streets, but a slice of this delicious king cake should get you in the mood. The top is decorated with the colors of Mardi Gras: purple, green and gold. By Alison Ladman.

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Recipe for king cake

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I've always resisted making risotto part of my regular dinner rotation. And it's not a time factor. Though risotto has a laborious reputation, the reality is that it can be mostly painless and totally weeknight friendly. My reluctance mostly stems from all that white rice and fat, the combination of which generally doom the dish to being a sometimes treat. Over the years I've tried various techniques for making brown rice risottos, but always with disappointing results. By AP Food Editor J.M. Hirsch.

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Recipe for creamy brown rice risotto

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One of the many appealing things about a burrito is that an often surprising range of ingredients can be rolled up into a complete meal in a single package.

But other less desirable surprises also can lurk inside burritos, especially extra fat and calories you may not have bargained for. These Creole-style burritos are inspired by the flavors of the Gulf coast, take only about 35 minutes to make, and are built with ingredients that will make your Fat Tuesday celebration a little less fattening. By Jim Romanoff.

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Recipe for Creole-style red bean burritos

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"Atmospheric" decor is characterized by soft textures, transparency, iridescence, opacity - or all of those at once. It can create a mood of quietude and retreat. And, some designers say, it's become popular as an antidote to a jarring and chaotic world. By Kim Cook.

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Grow bags and potatoes make the perfect pairing. The containers take little room, can be placed where they get good sun and eliminate much of the labor required for producing potatos. You can dispose of the spades and garden forks. By Dean Fosdick.

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MEXICO CITY - Despite headlines about Mexico's violent drug war, tourism remains relatively strong and Cancun is expecting spring-breakers. By Matthew Reed.

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FLIGHT PLAN-AIRLINE RANKINGS JetBlue is ranked second-to-last among big airlines at getting passengers to their destinations on time, but you're more likely to get struck by lightning than you are to get bumped. Delta had 10 times the complaints of Southwest last year, even though Southwest lost more luggage and ran more late flights. Here's a look at how airlines ranked in mishandled baggage, on-time flights and lost luggage in 2010 - and why these metrics don't always add up. By SAMANTHA BOMKAMP.

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NEW YORK - In November 2009, I set out to drive around the world. After 40,000 miles, five continents, and $50,000, I made it home, and like Phileas Fogg in "Around the World in 80 Days," I even gained a day crossing the international dateline on the final leg of my journey. By Nicolas Rapp.

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NEW YORK - A lost hoodie here, a forgotten backpack there. In Justin Bieber's case, an open fly on the Grammy red carpet! What's with teens and brain fog? Parenting teens and tweens is a lot like kindergarten redux, only their attitudes are edgier and their missing and broken stuff costs more. In addition, their table manners are atrocious, they don't like to shower or use deodorant, and they forget to brush their teeth (though 16-year-old Bieber's grooming is no doubt the exception to that tendency). By Leanne Italie.


NEW ORLEANS - This year Mardi Gras falls on March 8, during the week many students have off from college, so New Orleans is hoping for an influx of young tourists for the big celebration. By Mary Foster.


NEW YORK - Not all couples put a ring on it, but living together without getting married doesn't preclude the possibility of a prenup-like agreement - just in case love doesn't last. A survey of divorce attorneys shows 48 percent have seen a rise in couples duking it out in court over the last five years. By Leanne Italie.

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