Anti-government "guru" explains doctrine

Ever heard of the sovereign citizen movement? Alfred Adask explains the straw man theory and other anti-government beliefs to "60 Minutes"

Ever heard of the Sovereign Citizen movement? This week, Byron Pitts introduces the "60 Minutes" viewing audience to an internet-based anti-government group that the FBI lists among the top ten domestic terror threats facing the United States.

Read Byron Pitts' report.

"Overtime" Editor Ann Silvio sits down with Byron to learn more about the movement and hear the backstory of his memorable interview with a Sovereign Citizen "guru" named Alfred Adask -- not to be confused with ALFRED ADASK in all capital letters, the name of Adask's "straw man." As Adask explains in this video (no longer available), many Sovereign Citizens believe that the government creates a "straw man" for every American, and when official documents cite your name in capital letters, it's a reference not to you but to your straw man. That's why Sovereign Citizens often say they aren't obligated to respond to legal notices or utility bills that use capital letters.

Yes, we agree that the "straw man" theory is a hard concept to grasp. If you can explain it, we want to hear from you in the comments below.