Answering A Question Palin Couldn't

(AP Photo)
Senator John McCain suspended his presidential campaign yesterday and rushed to Washington to help fix the financial crisis. And in an exclusive interview with Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Katie Couric asked Palin for specific examples of how McCain is leading the charge for more oversight in the banking industry. Palin said, "I'll try to find some and I'll bring them to you."

So CBS News decided to look at just how Senator McCain voted on legislation effecting the banking and financial services industries. Turns out, this year, he barely voted.

According to data from Congressional Quarterly, there were a total of thirty-two such votes this year. Senator McCain missed all but one of those votes. The one he voted on was back in April, supporting a motion to limit debate on a bill that among other things, would give tax breaks to those buying foreclosed homes.

Turns out Senator Barack Obama didn't do much better. He missed twenty-eight of the thirty-two votes.