Animals that thrive in winter

Group of African Jackass Penguins.
An African penguin visited the set of "CBS This Morning: Saturday," January 14, 2012. Fortunately our studio was air conditioned!

Most of us seriously dislike the cold.

But some animals LOVE it! In fact the colder, the better!

They not only survive, but thrive in winter months, so much so that they prefer to live in cold climates year-round.

Zoologist Jarod Miller, host of the syndicated TV series "Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller," stopped by "CBS This Morning: Saturday"'s brand-new set with four adorable, exotic, sub-zero friends: an African penguin, Arctic fox, snowy owl and Siberian lynx.

Co-hosts Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarbis, not to mention viewers, got quite an education!

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