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Andy Rooney

"Wrong Way" Rooney's decided to hang up his helmet.

That nickname is how "60 Minutes" correspondent Morley Safer referred to Andy Rooney before a 1987 segment on that year's NFL strike. On Sunday, Rooney will announce that he will stop regularly spending a few minutes with viewers at the end of the broadcast. (He'll also look back on his career in an interview with Safer.)

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Below are some of Rooney's essays when he delved into the world of sports.

A die-hard New York Giants fan, Rooney strapped on a helmet for that 1987 segment at the Meadowlands in case he got a call to try out for the team.

With the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers starting baseball's postseason Friday night, it's only fitting to mention Rooney's 1981 visit to the Louisville Slugger plant, during which he even takes a shot at Reggie Jackson.

Rooney's attended all but a handful of Super Bowls, and in 2010, he provided this accounting of Super Bowl XLIV.

Although Rooney told viewers in 2007 that he made it to about eight Giants games a year, he goes to the movies and the racetrack less often. He combined both activities and talked about growing up in upstate New York in an essay about the film "Secretariat."

Finally, rabid fans of the Winter Olympics might be unable to summon the patience to wait the 860 days remaining until the Sochi Games begin in Russia, but perhaps Rooney's reflections on the Vancouver Games will be able to chill them out.

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