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Andy Rooney: Remembering a revered colleague

For decades, Andy Rooney held court on 60 Minutes, dispensing his wit and wisdom from his desk-turned-soapbox. A remembrance by Morley Safer.

The following script is from "Andy Rooney" which originally aired on Oct. 2, 2011 and was updated on Nov. 6, 2011.

As you may have already heard, our friend and colleague Andy Rooney died after a brief illness. It was only a few weeks ago that he made his farewell appearance on this broadcast...

Rooney: I've done a lot of complaining here, but of all the things I've complained about, I can't complain about my life.]

Andy was 92 and he truly had a wonderful life. As we end tonight's broadcast we take another look at that life, and the man, who had the special gift for speaking for every man.

Andy Rooney: "My Lucky Life"
Watch Rooney's last regularly scheduled appearance on "60 Minutes"

Morley Safer: When you first started the Rooney piece on "60 Minutes," what was the immediate response?

Andy Rooney: Well, how you gonna hate Andy Rooney on television? I mean, I don't recall having much negative comment from anybody.

Safer: Did you have any idea, though, that you would become iconic on this broadcast?

Rooney: Well, I hope you're right. I don't know the-- whether you're right or not. But I like hearing you say it.

[Rooney: I don't know anything offhand that mystifies Americans more than the cotton they put in pill bottles. Why do they do it?]

"60 Minutes Overtime": Remembering Andy Rooney
There is no better way to celebrate Andy Rooney's work than to let Andy do the talking

For over 30 years, Andy Rooney held court, dispensing his wit and wisdom from his desk turned pulpit, soapbox or whatever you want to call it.

[Rooney: I make my living having opinions.]

[Rooney: All I'm saying is....]

As America's favorite grouch in chief, he was the voice...

[Rooney: Will you please tell me why...]

...the loud whiny voice, speaking on behalf of citizens fed up with nearly everything.

[Rooney: That's what's wrong with what's going on in Washington.]

And a watchdog...

[Rooney: Look at these boxes of stuff.]

...our junkyard poodle protecting consumers.

[Rooney: Check the size of those things. They not only puffed the wheat, they puffed the blueberries!]

Rooney: I think of it as work. I love to come in and sit down at my typewriter.

Safer: You-- you think of it as work. People watching this say, "And you call that work?"

Rooney: I know. I know. That is true. But I do think of it-- it is work.

Produced by Warren Lustig.