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Andrew Cuomo says he'll run for fourth term as New York governor

Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to seek a fourth term as governor of New York state, he disclosed Tuesday.

During an interview on WAMC radio, Cuomo said he believes he is making a difference in New York and plans to run again in 2022.

"I have been in the federal government. I was a cabinet secretary...I was in Washington for eight years," he said, indicating he was finished with his work in the federal government. "I believe I'm making a difference in the state of New York. I believe that in my heart," Cuomo said. 

"I think I'm doing good things...I believe I know how to do this," Cuomo also said of the job of governor, adding, "I would like to do it for as long as the people of the state of New York believe I am a positive."

If Cuomo is re-elected, he'll be only the second person to win a fourth, four-year term as New York governor after Republican Nelson Rockefeller. Cuomo's father and fellow Democrat, the late Gov. Mario Cuomo, lost his bid for a fourth term.

In 2018, when he was running for reelection to his third term, he ruled out a 2020 presidential bid.

New York's longest serving governor was its first: George Clinton, who served for seven three-year terms. Like Rockefeller, Clinton went on to be U.S. vice president.

New York has no gubernatorial term limits.

Cuomo won his third term last fall after defeating Republican Marc Molinaro.

Ed O'Keefe contributed to this report.

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