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An Update On Dannielynn

The family of Howard K. Stern, lawyer and lover of the late Anna Nicole Smith, is blasting allegations that Smith's baby daughter Dannielynn is not healthy.

In an exclusive interview, Stern's sister and brother Bonnie and Gary told ET that the baby "is doing absolutely beautifully. Her weight is perfect, her height is perfect, and she's meeting all her developmental milestones. I went to her sixth-month check-up with Howard and my mother, and she had a beautiful report."

Danielynn is in the care of Stern's family—for now. A paternity battle is raging among Stern and two other men who claim to be the baby's father.

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Legal sources say Danielynn could be the heiress to a fortune estimated at up to $477 million if the lawsuit over the estate of J. Howard Marshall is settled in favor of her late mother.

Bonnie Stern says she can see a resemblance between the baby and her famous mom. "You know, she looks like mini-Anna," she says. "She really does. She's got her little sweetheart lips and her blue eyes."

The video report can be seen at the ET site.

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