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An infographic! If social media sites were neighbors...

The Social Neighbors
Infographic by: Column Five Media

(CBS) - What an interesting thought - if the social networks you've grown to know and love were people, what would they be like? Add to the notion, imagine they were your neighbors. Gulp.

According to this fun infographic from marketing and content firm Column Five Media, Facebook would obviously have the largest apartment. In it, people will mingle and start up conversations. What an amazing place to be in?! Then, you see your mom - not so amazing anymore. Column Five Media didn't include this on their infographic, but given all of the recent Facebook updates and announcements at f8, if Facebook really were your neighbor, he or she would likely be moving furniture in and out and remodeling. We can only imagine all of the noise. would likely be your noisiest neighbors of all, yet Twitter comes close with constant chatter at the same exact time. Those pesky building dwellers - will they ever shut up?!

Of course, YouTube will have cats - 20,000 to be exact. And, Google+ would be a family of "disgruntled tech hipsters" (Column Five Media's words, not ours).

Flickr would be a rotating gallery of blossoming photographers, which will leave some confused because everyone's photostream is pretty much identical. Although Wikipedia is not much of a social network, if he lived in your building, he'd be represented by "revisionist history fanatics." 

The Reddit neighbor is obviously a total loner with tons of screens - he needs them to be on top of everything going on in the Internet at any given time.

Path, the ultimate personal social network available on Android phones and iPhones, is so exclusive, they're like the mean girls of your high school. If you don't have an "in," you will not be granted entry. Sorry!

And let's not forget Myspace. He made the infographic. Too bad he's depicted as a creepy guy in a basement. But have no fear, a cartoon Justin Timberlake is cleaning up and (at least trying to) pick up the pieces.

Thank goodness, social media - and the life you experience on it - is not real. That in itself is a good reminder next time you feel like the world is over because of something that happened on your feed.

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