An "Inconvenient" Opera

Former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore speaks during a working session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Thursday Jan. 24, 2008. Climate change topped the agenda as well as pursuing a workable peace process in the Middle East and how technology is ushering in a new age of social networking that knows no borders. (AP Photo/Michel Euler)[Click image for
AP Photo/Michel Euler
First it was the film and the book. Now the next stop for "An Inconvenient Truth" is opera.

La Scala officials say the Italian composer Giorgio Battistelli has been commissioned to produce an opera on the international multiformat hit for the 2011 season at the Milan opera house. The composer is currently artistic director of the Arena in Verona.

La Scala also announced Thursday that Daniele Gatti will conduct next season's gala premiere of Verdi's "Don Carlo" on Dec. 7.

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The film "An Inconvenient Truth" won an Oscar, and last year the voice of the film, former Vice President Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Gore has been holding seminars, where he trains other people to give his famous slideshow about the effects of greenhouse gases.

As of March, he'd coached about 2,000 people, teaching one little workshop at a time.

Gore is trying to redefine global warming as a moral and spiritual issue. "We all share the exact same interest in doing the right thing on this. Who are we as human beings? Are we destined to destroy this place that we call home, planet earth? I can't believe that that's our destiny. It is not our destiny. But we have to awaken to the moral duty that we have to do the right thing and get out of this silly political game-playing about it. This is about survival," he told 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl in a recent interview.