An Ideal Mate For Driver

You wouldn't think a woman as charming and beautiful as Minnie Driver would have any trouble finding a man to marry her. But she has nothing but trouble in the movie An Ideal Husband when she sets her sights on a confirmed bachelor, played by Rupert Everett. CBS This Morning Contributor Eleanor Mondale reports.

When playwright Oscar Wilde wrote An Ideal Husband more than 100 years ago, the battle of the sexes involved betrayal, blackmail, intrigue and a good deal of humor. Actress Minnie Driver says things haven't changed much since then.

She has some idea of the qualities an ideal husband should have. "It's like an ever-changing process," she says. " I think there are certain things that remain constant, like kindness and compassion and humor. But at different times in my life, different people have been ideal, have appeared to be completely ideal, and then five minutes later, it's like, what was I thinking?"

She says that doesn't mean they weren't ideal in that past moment. But the key, she thinks now, is finding someone you evolve with. Earlier in her career, Minnie enjoyed an evolving relationship with her Grosse Pointe Blank co-star, John Cusack. She later had a much publicized romance and break-up with actor Matt Damon, who co-wrote her Oscar-nominated role in Good Will Hunting.

She could wind up with Barbra Streisand as a mother in law if her current romance with actor Josh Brolin continues to blossom.

For Driver, dating other celebrities appears to be something of an occupational hazard. "Do accountants date accountants? I don't know," she says.

In An Ideal Husband, hearts are broken when secrets are revealed, but there is always the hope of forgiveness. That's a theme Driver can relate to. "I think forgiveness is very difficult, because you can make all the right moves to make like you've forgiven someone. It can appear that you have, even to yourself. But it's a matter of letting go, I think."

Driver also is the voice of Jane in Disney's new animated feature Tarzan. She is known for her roles in Hard Rain, The Governess, Merry Christmas, George Bailey, Good Will Hunting, Grosse Pointe Blank, Sleepers and Circle of Friends.

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