An Easy Way to Deploy Windows 7 SP1 on Multiple PCs

Now that Windows 7 SP1 has been officially available for a few weeks, you've probably already installed it on your own PC (right?). SP1 rolls up a slew of patches and bug fixes since the release of Windows 7 last year. And while there's nothing earth-shattering in SP1, it's a really good idea to make sure that all the PCs in your organization are fully patched -- it makes them safer, more secure, and more impervious to crashes, viruses, and other malfeasance.

If you manage more than just a small handful of PCs, though, and you don't have your own IT staff, it can be a pain in the neck to ensure all those computers get SP1 installed via Windows Update. A better approach? You can download SP1 from the Microsoft Website, and then copy that file to a network share or a DVD and ensure it's installed that way.

Just download SP1 from its home on the Microsoft Download Center. In fact, you've find detailed instructions there for downloading and using the SP1 file.

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