Missing Pa. teen Amy Yu and 45-year-old man likely in Mexico, police say

Mom begs for 16-year-old to return home

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- Mexican authorities have issued an Amber Alert for a missing Pennsylvania teen and a 45-year-old man who signed her out of school, saying the pair is believed to be traveling through the country. The alert posted to Twitter Thursday night says police believe 16-year-old Amy Yu and Kevin Esterly are in Mexico, and Amy may be in danger.

The two went missing Feb. 9, shortly after authorities were notified the pair may have been involved in a romantic relationship. Amy's family previously said the two met at church years ago, and Amy is friends with one of Esterly's daughters.

School records show Esterly signed Amy out of school 10 times between Nov. 13 and Feb. 9. Police say Amy had changed school documents to list him as her stepfather.

Yu's mother, Mui Luu, told CBS News' Meg Oliver that her daughter was taken by a man who befriended their family at church -- someone she had trusted.

Esterly and Yu had gotten so close she often went on his family's vacations.

Luu says she also found text messages that suggested Esterly was romantically involved with her daughter, who is 16 -- the age of consent in Pennsylvania.

Oliver asked Mui Luu, "What do you want to tell Amy?"

"I want to tell her, 'Amy, can you come back to me? I love you. I just hope you come back.'"