Americans say the SATs are a "necessary evil"

April is becoming known as "Judgment Month," when colleges send out letters of acceptance and rejection. In honor of anxious students, this month's 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll focuses on college life.

Welcome to the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll for April. After a very tough winter in much of the country, Americans will get an early spring bouquet of great sporting events. Major League Baseball kicks off its marathon season in many cities on April 1st (no fooling).

Speaking of marathons, the world's oldest annual race will take place in Boston on April 16th. CBS Sports will have a huge week broadcasting the NCAA Men's Basketball Semifinals and Finals on April 6th and 8th.

Right after a champion is crowned, it will be on to the Masters, golf's most prestigious event. Is a Tiger lurking around Amen Corner? All eyes will be on Augusta National to find out. April is also becoming known as "Judgment Month," when colleges send out rafts of acceptances and rejections. It is a time of excitement and anxiety, of exhilaration and crushing disappointment. And that's just for the parents! In honor of those anxious students the theme of this month's poll is centered around college life, past and present, a topic that holds endless fascination for many Americans. And now the results.

Eighty-six percent of Americans say they would not care either way if they found out that a friend or colleague had been a member of a fraternity or sorority in college. Seven percent said it would depend on which one while only five percent would think more or less of them. Years ago, it carried some cachet to be a member of such a brother or sisterhood, but nowadays it's all Greek to most Americans.

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