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How America's oldest newlyweds found love at 96

How America's oldest newlyweds found love at 96
How America's oldest newlyweds found love at 96 02:19

Olathe, Kansas — The Good Samaritan Society-Cedar Lake Village senior living community in Olathe, Kansas, isn't exactly known for its singles' scene.

But widowers Doris Kriks and Carl Kruse, both 96, found love nonetheless, and just last month became America's oldest newlyweds.

It's a relationship that started one year earlier, on cue.

Kruse was one of the best billiard players in the building, until Kriks moved in and started beating the socks off him.

"Yes, I was definitely surprised," Kruse told CBS News of Kriks' billiard skills. "She's a hustler." 

"It's a good feeling to beat men," Kriks said.

Eventually, rivalry led to romance. Kriks and Kruse, both musicians, started exploring their shared interests. Carl thought they made beautiful music together and proposed. However, Doris responded with a firm no.

"But I thought that the way she said it was not that it will never be," Kruse said.

"I wasn't looking for a man," Kriks explained.

Kriks may have said no, but Kruse was a stubborn beau. So, a couple months later, he asked again, only this time he tried a whole different approach — showing her the larger apartment he had in mind where they could live.

"So up we go to the second floor, and went to this room, and I was like, 'Oh, this is pretty nice,'" Kriks said. "And then he showed me the walk-in closet."

Kriks said that sealed the deal, and she told him "yes" right on the spot.

"It's OK," Kruse admitted of being loved for his walk-in closet.

Of course, Kriks said Kruse also made more room in his heart.

"He told me he was dedicated to making this a happy marriage," Kriks said. "It warms my heart."

Chalk one up for true love.

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