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Amazon's good customer service gets an upvote on Reddit Inc. is getting into the app-selling arena by opening an online store. Getty Images

(CBS) - Not all customer service stories end in anger or tears. Amazon made one man so happy, he posted it on the social link-sharing site Reddit.

Brian a.k.a. zambuka42 is a man who is currently volunteering in Tanzania with limited access to electricity. When he found out that U.S. Post Office lost a shipment of newly purchased books from his parent's house to Tanzania, he requested help from Amazon to duplicate his order - as to avoid re-selecting each book to purchase manually.

What Brian didn't expect was for Amazon to refund his order. He was so amazed that he took a screenshot and posted it on Reddit. FYI, the image already has over 600,000 views. 

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This isn't the first time that Amazon's customer service has garnered attention. In 2007, a quirky response was sent to a reader of the blog The Consumerist, named A. Hildebrandt, who complained that he was not randomly selected to win a $1,000 laptop for the discounted price of $300 on Black Friday.

The customer service response was written with good humor and wit.

Hildebrandt humorously lamented that because he couldn't purchase the laptop, he was unable to "pen epic novels" and "win prestigious literary awards from various countries."

Executive customer service relations person Autumn Walker responded with, "Take heart; Norman Mailer wrote all of his novels by hand. And you've surely heard the phrase, 'the pen is mightier than the sword'? It would sound absurd to substitute 'laptop' for the word 'pen.'"

Coincidentally, I have my own awesome Amazon customer service story.

After realizing I had accidentally purchasing an unwanted Kindle eBook last week, I wrote Amazon's customer service right away to explain my mistake. I got an email on the same day from Josefino P. telling me that she couldn't refund the order at the time because my card hadn't been charged yet. She advised me to follow-up and check that my bank account was refunded the next day.

On the following day, before I could check off that task, Josefino wrote me back and told me she took care of everything. I was so relieved I had one less thing to do. I even wrote Amazon a customer satisfaction email. I felt like such a nerd, but it's good to know I'm not alone!

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