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Amazing Rugby Trick Shot Video: Real or Fake?

It's official. Sports trick shot videos have truly gone global.

The newest contribution comes from New Zealand's All Blacks rugby team. Check out the mind-boggling ball skills exhibited below:

It's the latest installment of a growing genre: sports-centric pseudo-cinema verite. The phenomenon of clever trick shot videos (some for commercials, others self-promotional) always end with the same question: is it real or fake?

The list of choreographed athletic feats has sold everything from energy drinks to razors and covers nearly every sport: Michael Vick throws a football out of a football stadium (Powerade). Tiger Woods bounces a golf ball off his golf club like a ping pong ball (Nike). Ronaldinho repeatedly drills a soccer ball off the crossbar (also Nike). Roger Federer knocks a can off a guy's head with a rocket serve (Gillette).

Of course, the fad is not reserved for big sponsors or big stars. The Texas A&M students known as "Dude Perfect" have drawn thousands of online viewers by sinking impossible basketball shops on tape. And the young lads who call themselves "The Legendary Shots" recently made a basket from a 134-foot tower in Alabama.

The line between slick editing and athletic prowess is getting increasingly fuzzy. LeBron James may have drained some 90-footers for a Powerade commercial (fake) but he also hit an impromptu heave from nearly the same distance for 60 Minutes (real).

LeBron's Incredible Shot