Alphabetical 26 genre metal song

(CBS News) Warning! This could hurt your ears, so put your volume down a bit before listening. And while it may be a bit loud, it is definitely a symphony for your senses. Inspired by Andrew Huang and Dave Brown from and their totally alphabetical awesome 26 A-Z musical genre song (which we were impressed by too and included in our Weekend Music Round Up), Nick Galvan of  DeathPopVideos tried his hand at his own heavy metal round up -- check out what they came up with in the video above.

What's amazing -- or maybe not for true heavy metal fans -- was that Galvan only had to fudge a minimal amount of sub-categories of metal to complete the whole alphabet. In his YouTube post he writes:

While totally inspired by Andrew Huang and Dave from and their totally awesome 26 Genre song, I decided it was only fitting to make one of my own featuring 26 genres of Heavy Metal! What I find amazing is that for one style of music I only had to come up with just a couple of sub genres to complete the alphabet.

Well, color me officially head banging! What do you guys think of this recent trend of melding everything to the alphabet. Guess it really is the most important thing we learned in school! You can become an Internet sensation just by thoroughly mastering it!