Weekend Music Round-Up: Put your hands together edition

(CBS News) Hello! Welcome to The Feed's Friday Music Round-Up, and this week we certainly have something to clap about. As most of you probably know, everyone's favorite Mother Monster, Lady Gaga was forced to release her single "Applause," off her upcoming album "ARTPOP" due out Nov. 11, a full week early due to leaks, and as a result, so did an accompanying lyrics video.

In true Gaga style, she turned her "pop emergency," into gold. Apparently on Monday, after rush-releasing the song, she went straight to shoot this video and then spent Tuesday editing it. It's exhausting and stressful just thinking about it. But this video, which feels like a fabulous night on the town, is just plain fun and makes you want to go out and dance, dance, dance.

In a slight, or possibly drastic change of pace, here's Canadian band Walk off the Earth covering Lorde's single "Royals" in one of the strangest ways possible: by basically playing hot potato with a bunch of guitars, never playing more than two at a time between the five members. You're just going to have to watch the amazingly creative and beautiful video above to understand.

On their YouTube page, the band writes, "The artist Lorde wrote this amazing song. We thought we'd pay tribute to it by performing it the most inefficient way possible!" It may be inefficient, but it's also really, really impressive! Check out the song that originally made them a sensation here.

Finally, I will leave you with a video that encompasses a little bit of everything. Literally. Check out Andrew Huang (a Feed regular) and David Brown of Boy in a Band who teamed up to create "A to Z," a song the two talented-to-say-the-least musicians transition through 26 different genres of music alphabetically. You really have to see it to believe. (Did we even know there were 26 different musical genres?) And with that exhausting finish, I bid adieu, and I hope you all have a very musical weekend!