Almanac: Vanna White

Almanac: Vanna White
Almanac: Vanna White 01:24

And now a page from our "Sunday Morning" Almanac: February 18th, 1957, 61 years ago today … a red letter day for game show fans.

For that was the day Vanna White was born in small-town South Carolina.

A model and occasional movie actress, Vanna White hit the big time on December 13, 1982, when Pat Sajak introduced her as his helpmate on the TV show "Wheel of Fortune."

Time to buy a vowel! King World

And what a very big, hands-on part of "Wheel of Fortune" Vanna White has grown to be. 

Day after day, year after year -- more than 6,500 shows so far -- Vanna White has been showing all of us how to play the game, simply by revealing countless letters with never-flagging authority -- even enthusiasm. 

And though occasional skeptics and naysayers have downplayed the demands of her job, Vanna herself makes no apologies.

"It's not the most intellectual job in the world," she's quoted as having said, "but I do have to know the letters!" 

Vanna White at the board on "Wheel of Fortune." CBS Television

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