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All Aboard! Obama's Train Trip To D.C.

Robert Hendin Reports From Aboard The Inauguration Train

All Aboard! The Obama inauguration train tour is about to roll from Philadelphia. The President-Elect spoke to an excited crowd of guests, many whom will on the train ride to Washington, and the train sat in the station for a while before pulling out on the ride to Wilmington.

The train that Obama is riding in, from all appearances, is a normal Amtrak regional train. It is 10 cars long and covers the length of 2 football fields. Obama, along with wife Michelle, who is celebrating her 45th birthday day, and daughters Sasha and Malia are on-board in the caboose.

That car, known as the Georgia 300 was built in 1939 for the Southern Railway and has a kitchen, two living rooms and a small bedroom. It has been used to carry dignitaries to the Masters Golf tournament and has hosted Presidents George HW Bush and Bill Clinton. Obama himself has used the car before, early in the 2008 campaign.

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The first stop is Wilmington, Delaware, home of Vice President-Elect Joe Biden. The Obama

Photos: Inaugural Train Ride
Barack Obama spoke to crowds in Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore in route to Washington D.C. Saturday. The trip retraced the path Abraham Lincoln took to his inauguration. (Photo: AP)
train will pull into Wilmington station and pick the Biden family for the rest of the trip to Washington with a stop for the main speech in Baltimore. The train will also make 2 "slow rolls" where it will slow down for a bit so onlookers can get a good look at the next President of the United States.

It's fitting for Biden to be picked up Wilmington, as he commuted daily from there to Washington throughout his senate career.

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