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Alexis Bledel reveals her favorite "Gilmore Girls" characters

It turns out “Gilmore Girls” star Alexis Bledel has her own #GilmoreGirlsTop4. 

When Bledel stopped by “The Tonight Show” Monday, host Jimmy Fallon pressed her on her four favorite characters from the series -- not counting any of the actual Gilmore characters, of course. 

Fallon had previously announced his four favorites -- Taylor (Michael Winters), Luke (Scott Patterson), Kirk (Sean Gunn) and Paris Geller (Liza Weil) -- prompting the start of the hashtag #GilmoreGirlsTop4, which saw fans chiming in with their own rankings.

But Bledel’s opinion remained a mystery -- until Monday, that is. She and Fallon agreed on one entrant -- Gunn’s Kirk -- but she diverged on the other three. Instead, Bledel voted for Babette (Sally Struthers), Miss Patty (Liz Torres) and Caesar (Aris Alvarado). 

As it turns out, Bledel had a very good reason for choosing Struthers’ Babette and Torres’ Miss Patty, and it has to do with television history.

“They were on ‘All in the Family’ together,” Bledel said. “They were on the show for years and years, so every time they were on set they would get together and sing show tunes. It was such a raucous day on set every time they were there, so I have to appreciate them.”

Alexis Bledel Ranks Her Top Four Gilmore Girls Characters by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube
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