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Air Force Academy joins in on the "Gangnam Style" challenge

(CBS News) A few weeks ago we witnessed the Naval Academy embrace the international phenomenon that is Psy. Then yesterday we saw West Point accept the "Gangnam Style" challenge and put out a video of their own. And now we have for you a new contender in the armed services musical battle: check out the United States Air Force Academy go crazy for K-Pop.

The hat-thrown-in-the-ring contender was posted by YouTube user DOJOFilmStudios who writes:

Spirit video made by the fourth class cadets of CS37 for the upcoming Navy Weekend. A shoutout to the 2012 Air Force-Navy game.

Another excellent entry into this military musical arms race that earns a triple-rainbow salute of patriotism and fun from all of us here at The Feed! And, once again, this one was pointed out in a comment by a fan of The Feed, proving that you are the best audience a blogger could ever have - thank you so much for letting me know about this, monkeyfrenzy!  So at this point I only have one question: Coast Guard? Seems like the ball is in your court. Just saying.  And to check out more videos from DOJOFilmStudios, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.

UPDATE: As commenter theoadama points out, and I should go ahead and make clear, this video actually preceded The West Point video that we posted about the day before.

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