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West Point Military Academy accepts the "Gangnam Style" challenge

(CBS News) So it was only a few short weeks ago that I posted up here on The Feed a video of the U.S. Naval Academy going "Gangnam Style" (along with the rest of the world). And at the time I half-joking posited whether there might be a military musical arms race... so, can you guess where this post might be going? Yeah, that's right - it seems that West Point Military Academy has taken my question and responded in kind with a little video of their own. Go ahead and take a look.

The gauntlet-thrown-down, challenge-accepted, awesome video entitled "Gangnam Style-West Point" was posted by TheWestPointChannel who write about it:

Members from the U.S. Military Academy Corps of Cadets perform their take on "Gangnam Style"

Beyond being the start of what I hope will become the best military musical rivalry the Internet has seen if this continues (other rivalries between the two are already pretty strong), this is where I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge how great the fans of The Feed are since this little gem was actually submitted as a comment by user "theoadama" on my previous post. And along with this video, of course, I'd say all of you deserve a big triple-rainbow salute of amazing from us here at The Feed! Who will end up winning the Army-Navy musical rivalry?  Will we see more music from both?  Only time will tell, I suppose (hint, hint)... but if you'd like to check out more videos from TheWestPointChannel in the meantime, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.
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