Small farms and ranches around the country and the world are using their charm and traditions to attract tourists. The following is a list of destinations that let you take part in a cattle roundup, watch traditional farming techniques, and appreciate centuries of international culture.
Dude Ranches

Moose Creek Ranch
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Moose Creek Ranch offers a traditional dude-ranch experience with an emphasis on families and children. Guests are taught to groom and saddle their own horses and how to ride properly in the high-mountain terrain. Other activities include a whitewater float trip down the Snake River, square dancing, campfire cookouts and a bi-weekly cattle drive.

Bar M Dude Ranch
Adams, Oregon

Located in Oregon's Blue Mountains, Bar M is well off the beaten path. The first day, each guest is matched with a horse to ride throughout the vacation. Guided day-trips and overnight excursions take riders through forests of fur trees and grassy mountain valleys. After a hard day's ride guests can relax aching muscles in a nearby natural geothermal pool.

Rocking Horse Ranch
Highland, New York

Rocking Horse Ranch combines a rugged, working-ranch lifestyle with all the modern conveniences of a summer resort. Guests can select a steed from a large stable of horses and ride along trails cut into the valleys of the Shawangunk Mountains. Many non-equestrian activities are available including water-skiing, nature hikes, or just lying around the pool.

Laramie River Dude Ranch
Laramie, Wyoming

Encompassing land that was part of 19th century cattle drives, Laramie River Dude Ranch offers visitors a chance to see the West in its pristine state. Guides take guests on horseback riding trails along the Laramie River valley and through prime elk and white-tailed deer habitat. In the evening, family-style meals are served in a cavernous log cabin dining area.

For a state-by-state list of dude ranches as well as maps and recommendations, try

California Wine Country

Sterling Vineyards
Calistoga, California

An aerial tramway takes visitors from the Napa Valley floor to the Sterling Winery, nestled into the side of Diamond Mountain. The winery offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding vineyards as visitors sip wines produced on the estate. Special brunches, wine tastings and dinners are planned throughout the summer as well as tours of the winemaking process.

Goosecross Winery
Yountville, Calif.

Napa Valley's Goosecross Winery makes several fine wines from the harvest of its 10-acre vineyard. Tours are available with tastings of the winery's products. The staff also offers a free wine class, a crash course on wine tasting and a course on appreciation of winemaking.

Napa Valley Wine Train
Napa, California

A three-hour, 36-mile, excursion from the historic town of Napa, the Wine Train rolls through one of the world's most famous wine valleys to the quaint village of St. Helena and back. Travelers can enjoy the view from an open-air car, a glass-topped dome car, or a lounge car serving wines made from the surrounding vineyards.

For more destinations in California's wine country, visit The site lists events, tours and special wine tastings at the dozens of wineries and vineyards in the state.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Amish Farm and House
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The house and surrounding 25-acre farm display the Amish lifestyle that has existed virtually unchanged in the area for more than 300 years. The working farm relies on horses to till the fields and pull logs to build the split-rail fences. The house is without electricity and meals are cooked on a wood-burning stove.

Visitors are welcome year-round to watch displays of Amish craftsmanship and cooking.

Plain and Fancy Farm
Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania

The Plain and Fancy Farm is one of the area's biggest attractions. Activities include bus tours of the surrounding Amish farmlands, an Amish restaurant serving family style meals and tours of an Amish Homestead.

Beaver Creek Farm Market and Bakery
Strasburg, Pensylvania

In an area dotted with farmer's markets, the Beaver Creek Farm Market and Bakery is probably the largest of its kind. The store sells Amish beef, pork and chicken, all high quality and hormone-free. For dessert, visitors can pick up a home-baked pie made from seasonal fruit and locally ground flour. Crafts, souvenirs and recipes are also available.

For more destinations in the area, visit the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau.

International Travel Resources

The Farms of Nottinghamshire
Nottinghamshire, England

Famous for the legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, the area has dozens of working farms that attract tourists including a wildflower farm, a dairy farm and a horse-breeding ranch. Many of the area's family farmhouses have been converted for guests and make ideal settings to enjoy the quiet English countryside. Don't worry about early morning chores; milking the cows is optional at most of the farmhouses.

Farms of Italy

Visitors to Italy can choose among many small wineries, bakeries and hillside orchards. At, you can consider a stay in the wine region of Chianti or a villa overlooking acres of fruit orchards in the rich Tuscany countryside.

For a listing of other destinations, the European Center for Eco Agro Tourism has more than 1,000 addresses of small organic farms throughout Europe.