Administration wants conditions for Yemen's Saleh to enter U.S.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh speaks to the press at the Chancellery Feb. 27, 2008, in Berlin.
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HONOLULU -- Negotiations over whether the U.S. will allow Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to come to the country for medical treatment are continuing. The talks are being run out of the State Department, though President Obama is being briefed while on vacation in Hawaii.

If there is a deal, officials tell CBS News the administration wants Saleh to agree to the following conditions:

  • Saleh leaves the U.S. after the medical treatment concludes
  • He abides by the deal reached last month to step down in February, easing the transition to elections
  • He goes to another country for medical treatment first, then to the U.S.

White House officials say it is possible, but unlikely, a deal will be announced today.

  • Chip Reid

    Chip Reid is CBS News' national correspondent.