Adele sings a cappella for Anderson Cooper

To hear "Rolling in the Deep" in concert is exciting; to hear it a cappella is extraordinary.

When Adele performed "Rolling in the Deep" at the 2012 Grammys, she knew that many in the audience were expecting her voice to falter. After all, it had only been four months since she underwent vocal cord surgery.

But Adele herself wasn't worried about the health and strength of her voice, as she proved to Anderson Cooper just before the Grammys in this 60 Minutes Overtime video-- the first time her voice had been heard publicly since her surgery.

Adele - 60 Minutes Overtime CBS

To hear Adele sing "Rolling in the Deep" from the stage is exciting; to hear her sing it a cappella -- just for you -- is extraordinary. That's how Anderson heard it during his recent interview with the young singer for 60 Minutes, and when we spotted this scene in the raw footage, we knew we had to share it on Overtime.

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