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Adele reveals she has a secret Twitter account

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ET Update: Adele reveals her marriage, Justin Timberlake's emotional acceptance speech 04:17

Somewhere on Twitter, Adele is using an alias to make fun of people. 

While speaking to the crowd at a recent concert in Brisbane, Australia, the Grammy-winning singer began an anecdote with “I was looking on Twitter last night” before explaining, “They don’t know I have a secret account -- well, obviously they do now because I said that. 

“By ‘they,’ I mean my management,” she said, according to the Sun.

“I’m not allowed access to my own Twitter because I’m quite mouthy and I say the wrong thing a lot of the time. So they took that privilege away from me.”

To get around such censorship, the “Hello” singer set up her own account under an unknown handle. The only question now is which of Twitter’s hundreds of millions of users is actually Adele. 

Adele previously addressed her management’s concern about her tweeting, telling the Graham Norton in 2015 that she could no longer post anything to Twitter without getting prior approval. 

“I’m not a drinker anymore, but when Twitter first came out I was, like, drunk-tweeting,” she said. “And nearly put my foot in it quite a few times.” 

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