Addicted To Your Mouse?

Over at Tech Talk, Daniel Sieberg is writing about this week's series on the Evening News, "Caught In The Web." He notes:
I'm fairly close to this subject matter as I have a level 64 character in "World of Warcraft." (Believe me that requires quite a bit of time.) Am I addicted? No. But I do love playing fantasy and role-playing computer games, and I can understand how some people get too caught up. I've seen a couple of my friends nearly ruin their lives because they couldn't stop. The key is recognizing when it takes over your family life or work or other responsibilities.
Personally, I've never quite developed an addiction like that (though a couple of Christmases ago, I did find myself smitten with an online game of 'Elf Bowling.') Daniel has some other observations worth pondering. Surf over and look -- as long as you know when to say 'no.'