Add a few moments of beauty and serenity to your day

(CBS News) Despite the amazing array of cat videos to be seen out there on the Internet, sometimes we all just need to take a few moments to breathe and relax. And this is one of those moments. Click play to be transported to a place where deadlines and emails from your boss don't matter, and just let the beauty and serenity of the visuals overtake you.

The breath-taking piece entitled "Alchemy" (with music by Justin R. Durban) was created and posted by Henry Jun Wah Lee of Evosia Studios, who has been featured on The Feed for similarly striking works in the past, and who writes about this latest creation:

Alchemy is a short film about transformation. In nature, everything is constantly changing: the earth, the sky, the stars, and all living things. Spring is followed by summer, fall and winter. Water turns into clouds, rain and ice. Over time, rivers are created, canyons carved, and mountains formed. All of these elements, mixed together, create the magic of nature's alchemy.
I don't know about you, but watching that just makes me want to leave city-living behind and strike out into the wilderness... well, for a week or two. (I'm not planning to emulate "Into The Wild" quite yet.) A big triple-rainbow salute of wonder and awe goes out to Henry Jun Wah Lee from us here at The Feed! And to check out more amazing and visual creations by Henry Jun Wah Leebe sure to see our past posts by clicking here or you can go to the Evosia Studios website by clicking here.