Cases of cats strutting their stuff and living large

(CBS News) Did you know that we accepts and sometimes posts requests here at The Feed? No? Well, uh... we do. (Feel free to send them to us through Facebook or Twitter!) And this week we've gotten a submission from a fan of The Feed by the name of Shoshana that totally had your blogger rolling on the floor. Watch what happens when a French Bulldog that's all bark tries to provoke a cat that's all bite above. (Things take a turn at about 32 seconds into the clip.)

The simultaneously cute and quirky reversal in roles and animal antics moment was posted by YouTube user RA244Me who writes about the caught-on-tape moment:

A french bulldog picks a fight with the wrong feline.

You can say that again. And can I just ask what is up with that bizarre shriek coming from the French Bulldog? Either way, I'm just happy no animals seem to have been hurt in this domestic pets confrontation. (So that we can all laugh at the bizarre fight without worry.

Up next, we highlight a trick that is likely every cat's fantasy: why get up from your comfortable and warm resting spot (possibly on your owner's black cashmere sweater) to eat when you can just call for some room service? Watch to see what unfolds in this equally quirky clip from YouTube user Dan Sorkowitz below. (Listen for the "Bing!" and you'll know what I mean.)