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Adam Lambert's performance of "Believe" brings Cher to tears at Kennedy Center Honors

You've heard Cher's "Believe," the smash dance hit that dominated airwaves in 1998, but you haven't heard it like this before. "American Idol" alum and Queen collaborator Adam Lambert performed a ballad-like rendition of the song at the Kennedy Center Honors, which aired Wednesday night. 

Lambert sang "Believe" as a tribute to Cher, who was honored for her lifetime achievement in the arts. This year's Kennedy Center Honors also celebrated the lifetime achievements of composer Philip Glass, country music star Reba McEntire and jazz icon Wayne Shorter. The Kennedy Center also presented a new award to the co-creators of "Hamilton," calling them trailblazing creators of a transformative work.

Cher teared up as Lambert sang the soulful take on "Believe," which you can watch in the video below: 

This Beautiful Rendition Of Cher's "Believe" Is Adam Lambert's Gift To Us All by CBS on YouTube

At the end of the performance, Cher leapt to her feet for a standing ovation. Later, she tweeted, "Tried 2 write Feelings About Adam Lambert Singing Believe In Words,but Cant seem 2.When Your senses are Overwhelmed All Can you feel with your [heart]."

Later, Lambert joined Cyndi Lauper on stage to sing "I've Got You, Babe," an original by Sonny Bono and Cher. 

Cher's "I Got You Babe" Lifts Crowd Thanks To Adam Lambert And Cyndi Lauper by CBS on YouTube

Cher spoke with Gayle King of "CBS This Morning" recently and said that she's actually shy in her private life.

"When I'm working, I'm a different person," said the diva. "I don't like going up to strangers. I don't like going into restaurants, but when I'm working I'm just another person. I'm this person who gets to be free. Cher on stage has no boundaries. When I go on stage, I have to go from my height to like, 15 feet tall." 

Cher also revealed how she feels about aging. 

"I feel older than 40," she said. "Sometimes I feel really young and sometimes I feel — I don't know if I feel 72, because I'm not quite sure what that is. My mom says if you don't pay any attention to age, age won't pay any attention to you. I always say, 'Mom, that's bulls**t.'" 

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