Ad Agencies Soon Extinct? (Funny Video)

Last Updated Apr 5, 2010 11:46 AM EDT

Last week, I explained how brand marketing is becoming a lousy investment, and an even more lousy career path. As usual, a bunch of marketing geeks jumped all over my case, trying to claim that I was saying that brands didn't exist, I don't understand branding, etc.

It seemed to me that they were doing everything possible to avoid what I was really saying, which is that traditional brand marketing is no longer an effective way to create brands, which are themselves becoming less able to sway buyers.

Anyway, on one of those threads, my good friend Mike Kroll (author of my top guest post "A Foolproof Cold-Calling Script"), pointed me at the following video from a major advertising agency -- essentially saying the exact same thing that I've been saying.

But they're saying it in a much more clever and funny way. With a fake documentary video. Not only does it make the point that advertising (the most expensive form of "brand marketing") isn't all that effective, but it pokes fun at ad agencies in general. (Check out the background in the final shot.) Enjoy!