Ace of Bass literally played with an upright bass

(CBS News) Okay, I don't want to overload you all on music after the unique rendition of Katy Perry's "Firework" a bit ago, but I saw something I couldn't resist posting up. I've mentioned I'm a total 90's kid in the past. And I've also mentioned how much we like twists here at The Feed. So it should come as no surprise that a rendition of Ace of Bass played with an upright bass as a twist would need to go up. Do you see now? There is (sometimes) a method behind the madness.

The upbeat and fun rendition of multiple songs by the 90's hit band was done by experimental music group cdza, who have been featured here on The Feed quite a few times now, most recently with a musical play on cellphone ringtones. And what do we think of this latest work? Nailed it! Loved it! More, please! A big triple-rainbow salute goes out to them for yet another excellent job!  To check out more work by cdza, you can visit their YouTube page here.