Access Your Dropbox Files Using Your iPhone

Online storage sites like Dropbox have made it a snap to share files among a variety of PCs and locations -- desktop and laptop, work and home, you and co-workers. Dropbox, in fact, is a favorite of ours, in part because it offers as much as 3GB for free (followed by several tiers of paid service). The big news today? Compatibility with the iPhone.

Dropbox now offers a free iPhone app. Not only can you manage your Dropbox files, but you can view any compatible file on your iPhone and even store "favorite" files locally, right on the phone, for fast offline access.

This is even cooler than it sounds. You can take advantage of Dropbox to access photos, video, and music on your iPhone, and you can share content with others by sending an email from the app (which includes a link directly to the file).

There's no charge for the app, but stepping up from the free service to 50GB costs $9.95/month. You can also get 100GB for $19.99/month.

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