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    Up to the Minute, CBS's overnight news broadcast, offers very late workers, very early workers, insomniacs, parents of insomniac infants, and anyone else in the growing Monday-through-Friday overnight audience a unique combination of hard news, news features, interviews, weather, sports, business and commentary.

    Up to the Minute draws from the full resources of CBS News, including the CBS Evening News, Newspath, Affiliate stations, the CBS Radio Network, CBS News Money Watch and Reuters.

    Major regular features include Personal Finance powered by, tips for new parents powered by American Baby magazine, and Comment from London. UTTM often rebroadcasts some of the best features viewers may have missed during the day or evening, from CBS News Sunday Morning, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, and Face the Nation.

    Among UTTM's regular contributors: CBS News Space Consultant Bill Harwood, UTTM Computer Consultant John Quain, UTTM Military Analyst Col. Mitch Mitchell (Ret.), and Sr. Consumer Reporter Kelli Grant.

    Up to the Minute premiered on CBS in April 1992, and is now in its 19th season. It is offered from 2am-6am ET/PT on the CBS television network. Check your local listings to see when Up to the Minute airs in your area.

    Who We Are

    Executive Producer
    Brian Applegate

    Joseph Gelosi
    Norman Gittleson
    Nicolas Kasanzew
    Anlynn Truong

    James McGrath
    Chris Easley

    Jason Kalb

    Associate Producers
    Jenn Eaker
    Erika Wortham

    Sports Editor
    Charlie Langton

    Contact Information
    Up to the Minute
    524 West 57th St.
    New York, New York 10019


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