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A Social Network Just for Managers

It's lonely at the top, right? Not any more: What Do You Want From Them is a social-networking site designed expressly for managers.

Specifically, WDYWFT is for "anyone who works in management or carries the responsibility of leading, scheduling and supervising employees."

The site consists of groups, forums, chat rooms, a management-oriented wiki dictionary, and a collection of articles, blogs, Q&As, and other useful resources.

That's all stuff for individuals; businesses have the option of creating a private social network for management recruits.

WDYWFT is a great idea marred by a couple shortcomings. For starters, the service currently has few members, so discussions aren't exactly lively. The "Dealing with employees" forum, for instance, has drawn exactly five posts since it was started in May.

What's more, a few areas of the site don't seem to be working properly, like the never-clearly-explained What Do You Want From... section. Can't say I'm wild about the name, either.

All that being said, I think anyone involved in management should check out WDYWFT. The resources are good, and as more users sign up, the community areas should liven up.

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