A Role Far From Axel Foley

In the new movie, Holy Man, does Eddie Murphy play an angel, or a prophet, or God himself? Murphy says it's a question that was purposely left unanswered.

His character, known only by the initial "G," represents a departure from Murphy's usual "fast-talking money-hungry" person.

"I've done a bunch of roles like that," Murphy told CBS "This Morning" Co-Anchor Mark McEwen. "I've never done anything like 'G' before. I was able to relate to where 'G' was coming from. Spiritually, we're on the same wavelength."

As far as Murphy is concerned, as long as he's working, he's a success. He says the so-called "dip" in his career that some have written about has never occurred, to his way of thinking.

"There was never a dip," he asserts. "I've only done 17, 18 movies, and my movies have grossed $3.5 billionÂ…I've been working since I got into the business."

Murphy, 37, first came to national attention when he was 19 years old, as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. He soon moved on to movies, scoring huge hits in such films as 48 HRS. (1982), Trading Places (1983), and Beverly Hills Cop (1984). He starred in two sequels to Beverly Hills Cop, making something of a franchise of the character of Axel Foley.

Murphy's more recent movies include Dr. Dolittle (1998), The Nutty Professor (1996), and Vampire in Brooklyn (1995).

Asked whether he feels the media has been fair to him, Murphy replies, "The media isn't about being fair. The media is about getting as many people to watch them at that momentÂ… The media is in show business, too, you know?"

Murphy adds that he doesn't read newspapers. Instead, he says, he would rather study the Bible.

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