A Really Fun Campaign

Italian team Azzurra competes in Nice southeastern France, Monday, Nov. 16, 2009, during the sailing match racing competition "The Louis Vuitton Trophy."
AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau
Let's see if we can get this straight. If John Edwards loses in South Carolina on Tuesday, he is toast, but if he wins, he's back in the game big time which means it could come down to a two-man race between Edwards and Kerry unless Wes Clark wins in Oklahoma and he might. Howard Dean's still down but he's talking now about hanging around until Wisconsin which doesn't come until the middle of the month.

Democratic Party officials wanted to get their nominee selected early so the candidates would stop cutting on each other and turn their fire on the president. That always seemed nutty to me since it gave the president the same opportunity to start in early on the Democrat, but whatever, the voters are saving the Democrats from their own strategy. With a hot race going, they've hogged the spotlight for a month now, Republicans can't get a word in, and that may continue because it's going to be a while before this is all sorted out.

It may well be March and the big primaries in California and New York and then Texas and Illinois before we know who the Democratic nominee is going to be. And mark my word, if we don't know soon after that, get ready for a draft Hillary movement. Where that would go, I do not know. What I do know is that this is really getting to be a lot of fun.