A post in preparation for the "end of the world" (with some music and education)

(CBS News) We saw Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard address the "end of the world" yesterday with a tongue-in-cheek address. And seeing as there are only a few weeks left, I figure it's a good idea to address the subject with a little bit of music and education. We'll start things off light(er) with a really great 1-minute mashup of songs about the end of the world above.

The sweet mix of apocalyptic songs was done by musician Chad Neidt, who has been featured here on The Feed a few times now for his upbeat and fun musical mashups, and who brings together a perfect mix-tape for the Mayan calendar prediction. And doomsday prophecies aren't all just fun and games. There's also some gloom and doom involved. Which is why we're making sure to include a little education in this post, too. Watch John Hodgman give an "Apocalypse Survival 101" course in our video below from THNKR so you can be prepared for the worst.