A New Jersey Success Story

Jon Bon Jovi performs

For musician Jon Bon Jovi, music was his ticket out of middle-America, blue-collar town of Sayreville, N.J. Today at the age of 44, after more than two decades of his blue-collar brand of rock, Bon Jovi and the band that shares his name have not only survived, but show little sign of slowing down.

"When I'm out there I feel like, you know, you — you can do anything. You can rock down the building. You're the best man there ever was for the job. There's that invincibility of being up there. If the night's perfect, I'm not even there," he tells CBS Sunday Morning contributor Serena Altschul.

Bon Jovi maintains that his flirtatious, charismatic onstage persona is no different than his everyday personality. "One thing I never could be on the stage was a character," he says.

The rocker prides himself in never pretending to be someone or something he's not.

"You could like or dislike everything I've stood for 25 years. But one think you'll never be able to say is it was disingenuous," Bon Jovi says.

And despite the sell-out crowds and seemingly non-stop tours, Bon Jovi says family is most important in his life. At his East Hampton getaway which he shares with his wife of 17 years, Dorothea, and their four children, Bon Jovi says being part of his family is not easy.

"I think that the child rearing is all credited to my wife. I've, I've been told that we have good kids. I am blessed with the opportunity to have a profession that I love and probably would have done forever for nothing. And I don't take it lightly," he says.