A Man Without Hang Ups

Posing at the premiere of "Black.White." at the Museum of Television and Radio in New York are, from left, Renee Sparks, Brian Sparks, Carmen Wurgel, Bruno Marcotulli, Rose Bloomfield and Nick Sparks.(Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)
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Hello tech support.

Hello. This is Mr. Fenster. I have your Internet service.

Yes, sir, how can we help you?

Well, I connected with the service okay, but it won't hang up.

You can't disconnect?

No. What should I do?

Sir, I can barely hear you. Are you in front of the computer now?

Goodness no. It won't hang up I told you. I had to go down the road to a pay phone to call.

Well, sir, in an emergency like that you could try turning the computer off.

Why didn't I think of that?