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A Guide To The Journo-Blogs

Blogging, as PE readers know, is no longer the province of those outside the media bubble. Journalists in virtually every corner of the media world are now authoring blogs that allow them to say what they don't on the air or in print. In order to make it a bit easier to navigate the rapidly expanding landscape of journo-blogs, we've decided to offer up a handy compendium for your browsing pleasure.

As for who makes the cut, it's going to be a little subjective, since there is some blurring of lines here. In general, if someone is known primarily as a blogger, even if they've published in traditional media outlets, they won't be on the list – which means people like Josh Marshall, Andrew Sullivan, and Hugh Hewitt are out. (Though Hewitt, who has a radio show, is right on the line.) If someone is known as a blogger but also makes regular contributions to a traditional outlet, however – The American Prospect's Matthew Yglesias is a good example – we'll include him.

What about people who work for traditional outlets, but do so primarily as bloggers? They won't be included, since they get paid to blog, not practice traditional journalism. (That means no Kevin Drum, Mickey Kaus, or James Taranto.) The staff of Public Eye also falls into this category.

We are also going to stick mostly with national publications – a category that includes the Chicago Tribune, but not the Pensacola News Journal – so as to keep the list manageable. This is by no means a definitive list, and if you think we've left out someone particularly worthy, please let us know in comments. (For a more comprehensive accounting, see The Cyberjournalist List here.)

And now, without further ado, the journo-blogs:

Television Journalists:

Manny Medrano, ABC

Ned Potter, ABC

Jake Tapper, ABC

Steve Harrigan, Fox News

Rick Leventhal, Fox News

Greta Van Susteren, Fox News

Brian Wilson, Fox News

Dan Abrams, MSNBC

Alan Boyle, MSNBC

The Daily Nightly (Brian Williams and colleagues), NBC

Hardblogger (Chris Matthews and colleagues), MSNBC

Larry Kudlow, CNBC

Keith Olbermann, MSNBC

The Peacock blog (David Shuster and colleagues), MSNBC

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC

Squakblog, CNBC

Newspaper Journalists:

Joel Achenbach, Washington Post

Brian Chin, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Culture Blog (various writers), San Francisco Chronicle

Mark Jurkowitz, Boston Phoenix

Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

James Lileks, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune

Magazine Journalists:

Altercation (Eric Alterman), The Nation

Michael Barone, U.S. News & World Report

David Corn, The Nation

The Corner (various writers), National Review:

Craig Crawford, Congressional Quarterly

Katrina Vanden Huevel, The Nation

Hit and Run (various writers), Reason

Scott Rosenberg, Salon

Noam Scheiber, The New Republic

Tapped (various writers), American Prospect

James Wolcott, Vanity Fair

Matthew Yglesias, American Prospect

NOTE: this post was updated to include additional journo-bloggers on Sept. 30.